What You Want to Know Before Shopping

How often do you hold the ReRuns R Fun sales events?

We hold two Children's Consignment sales each year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Dates vary, so be sure to sign up to receive our emails.

Do I need a special Pass to get in to shop?

We have 4 Early Shopping Days (Volunteers, Consignors, Hope Day, Bumps & Sprouts). You DO need a pass to shop on any of these days. You do not need a pass to shop on our public sale days.

Are children allowed to come with me to shop?

PUBLIC SALES DAYS: Yes, children/infants are allowed

PRIVATE SALE DAYS: It varies by day. Consignor Day = no kids. Hope Day = yes kids (5 & under are free, 6 & up must have a $10 donation) Bumps & Sprouts Day = 2 years & younger are permitted (this is NEW)

Keep in mind that you can do some serious bargain hunting at ReRuns. This type of shopping takes a great deal of your attention so shopping with little ones can be distracting. It's important that your little ones not play with the items offered. These items are the property of our consignors and cannot be sold if damaged or parts are separated.

What time should I get there on opening day?

We open the doors at 11:00am. Some come as early as 8:00am to secure their spot in line, most come around 10:00am. We highly recommend joining us as a Volunteer or Consignor so you can shop BEFORE we open to the public.

What forms of payment does ReRuns accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit Cards & Cash

Do you have a sale for Adults?

We offer a unique boutique just for adult women called THE PINK LADY. The Pink Lady is a special room at the back of our store on the north side. She offers high quality women's clothing, shoes, purses & accessories. You'll also find home furnishings, furniture, pet supplies, kitchenware and more.

Do you discount any of your items?

SPRING SALE: The last Friday of the sale most items are 25% off, the final Saturday & Sunday most items are 50% off
The last Thursday of the sale most items are 25% off, the final Friday & Saturday & Sunday most items are 50% off

Can I return any items I purchase?

No, all sales are final. Because we are open for only 15 selling days and have an obligation to our consignors to sell as many of their items as possible within that time, we can not offer returns. We ask that you please be sure to thoroughly inspect and test all goods before you purchase them. Ask any volunteer and they will, gladly, help you! We do inspect each item before it's placed on the sales floor, however, we are 100% Volunteer operated so sometimes unacceptable things make their way on the sales floor. We want to remove those items as soon as they're discovered.