Your Support Goes a Long Way!


800 children attend this school in Puerto Vallarta, MX…none of them have access to fresh water! This water fountain will not only provide each child much needed water throughout their day at school, but enables them to take clean water home each day to their families!!!


Gina and Mary were blessed to be able to go to Honduras! They went as representatives for every Reruns R Fun Consignor and Volunteer. Each of you made it possible to build this Home in Ocetepeque, Honduras. The Home, called Casa Hogar, can house up to 48 people, both children & elderly. They live together as one family; caring for each other, fixing meals together, playing together…and can stay their entire life if they want.

“Every village we went to would throw this unbelievable welcome parade for us. It was so humbling. Many people would have to walk hours just to get there. But they were all so thankful for the support they’ve been given that they did it joyfully!” ~ Mary Pechar

Below are some pictures of the project Reruns funded, Casa Hogar. They currently have 32 children and 8 elderly living in the home. The elderly help care for the children. The children care for the elderly…they live as a family.

Without the support of generous families and Reruns R Fun through CFCA, many people live in homes like this:


Gina and Mary were also able to visit another project that Reruns has been supporting, Casa de Maria. This is a Nutrition clinic that helps malnourished children. The children live at the clinic for up to 2 years until they are healthy enough to be with their families again. The families are taught how to provide nourishment to their children even though they have little to nothing.