Who Qualifies

We know the excitement that comes with having your first child or grandchild!! But we also know it takes a lot of “stuff” to raise this child. That’s why we offer parents/grandparents whose oldest child/grandchild is under 3 years old (so pre-born up to 35 months) to come and find great bargains to help them raise their family. 

Hit our Register button then select Bumps & Sprouts Day. If you’re already in our database no need to Register, simply Login then Register for our upcoming sale on your MyReruns page.

This is meant to be a special shopping day for parents/grandparents whose OLDEST child/grandchild is under 3 years old. If you do not qualify to shop on this day, you can come on our first public day or...

Better yet, register to shop even earlier on our Hope Day. Shop the day BEFORE Bumps & Sprouts. For a minimum $10 donation to one of our selected charities, you can shop on Hope Day...

How to Register

You simply need to Register for the special shopping day pass. If you've already been to our sale and you're in our database, simply LogIn then go to your MyReruns page and Register for our upcoming sale.

Bumps & Sprouts Shopping Day

NEW: Children 2 & younger are PERMITTED!

Thursday, October 5th from 11:00am - 7:00pm