Spring Sale a Huge Success!

by MARY PECHAR | Mar 29, 2015

As we all recover from the hard, but satisfying, work that goes into running our sales event,  we can rest knowing that we contributed to another wonderful success.

So many people's lives are touched by our "simple" sales event. A thousand families earn money that will contribute to their families budget…thousands of families saved money by purchasing what they need at ReRuns prices…many charities stand in a better position by the generosity of the ReRuns organization….so many volunteers feel the satisfying "ache" of their hard work and the understanding that they contributed to improving the circumstances of others in need…

ReRuns is an amazing model of venture philanthropy. All involved in the ReRuns organization….Consignors, Volunteers, Customers, and the Charities themselves….are active partners, not just passive benefactors. Everyone lends their time, talent and tithe to ensure each sale's success. And success is measured in many dimensions. Financially, certainly, but also physically, mentally, and - of course - spiritually.