Get an Early Shopping Pass

by MARY PECHAR | Feb 20, 2017

No matter what day you shop at ReRuns you will save money on the things your family needs, but getting in early will save you even more!

Register for your early shopping pass now! Shop 2 days before we open to the public, by making a $10 donation to one of our Hope Day charities. Hope Day is Wednesday, March 8th from 11am - 7pm.

We also have a day set aside for families just getting started. If your oldest child or grandchild is under 3 years old (so 35 months to pre-born), you qualify to shop on this day: Thursday, March 9th from 11am - 7pm.

Why not save all you can AND help so many others at the same time? Your purchases contribute to many local and worldwide charities. Register today for your early shopping pass!