NEW! Drop & Go Check in

by MARY PECHAR | Jul 28, 2015

We now offer an easier way to check in your consignment items! If you have consigned with us before, you qualify for Drop & Go Check in.

1. Prepare your things as usual
2. Put 2nd Barcode on all non-clothing items before your appointment (get these from
3. At appointment time, go to South Garage Doors
4. Hang clothing on rack (separate boy/girl)
5. Put major category items (Infant, Toddler, Girl Toys, Boy Toys( into indicated carts
6. Set rest of items in drop area
7. GO!

Any item $15 & higher that we cannot accept will go into the Flawed Area and you can pick up on Consignor Shop Day. items under $15 not accepted will be donated.

That simple. No waiting in lines...just get in and get out! Gotta love that!