Consider Consignment

by MARY PECHAR | Jul 06, 2015

It's the heart of our summer. You've gotten your kid's new routines down…sleep later, go to the pool/lake/park, take a nap, stay up late….repeat.

But what about the rainy days or the days it's too hot to be outside? Those are great days to go through your kids stuff and purge!!! ReRuns Children's Consignment Sale is the perfect way to make some money on the things your family no longer needs. 

Use the rainy/too hot days to start organizing these things. Make sure you can find all the parts to each toy. Look for all the pieces that make up those adorable outfits. Clean everything up. You'll be surprised at how much you end up with ready to sell.

Kids sales are a great place to find what you need for your family too. By Consigning your family's things, you get to shop before they open to the public. This gives you a great advantage in being able to select the best stuff and the best prices.

So, consider consigning your kids stuff this fall. Use your summer time to get ready and maximize the money you make! It's fun. It's easy.