Consignment Time - Part 1 of 3

by MARY PECHAR | Aug 07, 2014

My Joy-Filled Life by Sarah

It's Consignment time in my neck of the woods.

There is a HUGE kid's consignment sale held in my area twice a year - once in the spring and once in the fall. Last fall was my first time as a consignor, and I absolutely loved it! I thought I made out pretty good for my first time - I made roughly $500 - cha-ching! There are so many benefits to being a consignor in a consignment sale versus holding a garage sale, listing on craigslist or taking your things to a consignment shop.

Benefits of a consignment sale:

1.  You can make more money!  You can price your items higher than garage sale prices because a consignment sale is like an “upscale” garage sale.  Plus, more of your items will sell at a consignment sale than a garage sale because you will have 1000s more buyers, and a targeted buyers pool.

2.  You don’t have to deal with phone calls, meeting places, and no-shows with craigslist.

3.  You drop off your things during the convenient drop-off times – you don’t even have to put out or display your things.  Just drop them off!