• How to Entertain Kids on Snow Day

    by Reruns blogger | Feb 21, 2013

    Living in Nebraska, it is inevitable that there will be a time when the snow cancels school and the kids and parents are home stuck inside. It’s fun to play in the snow, but kids can only be out for a few minutes before they start to feel the chill. As parents, we know that when boredom kicks in, the house becomes chaotic. So, the challenge during inclement weather is to keep the kids entertained and calm.

    What can you do at home to bust the boredom? 

    1. Bring the snow inside – You don’t have to be outside to play in the snow. Get a bucket and fill it with
    snow. Lay out a plastic tablecloth on your kitchen floor and add plastic kitchen utensils. The kids can
    play indoors with the snow and keep their toes and fingers warm.

    2. Paper crafts – There is a plethora of crafts you can make with just paper. You can use scraps,
    construction or plain computer paper to make origami, paper airplanes, collages (with pictures from old
    magazines) or create a story book together. There are many resources online that let you print coloring
    pages or activities at no charge.

    3. Borrow movies from the library – We cancelled cable several years ago and I’m always worried that
    a storm will knock out our internet and Netflix, so I like to have DVDs for the kids to watch. The local
    library has a huge collection of kid and adult movies, including educational shows, and they are free to
    borrow. Our library lets you keep them for an entire week.

    4. Family game time – Snow days are a great time to create a new family tradition of playing board
    games. Add some yummy snacks and have fun. Our family favorites are Uno, Connect 4 and Apples to

    5. Bake – When it’s cold outside, bake some yummy treats to stay warm. Kids can help measure, stir and
    pour. And, when it’s all done, you will have some snacks to enjoy during the snowstorm..

    6. Dance Party – My kids always have tons of energy and need to get up and move. Anytime they start
    to get bored and rambunctious, I turn on some music and we dance. You can find great kid’s music free
    on Youtube and even some free downloads on Amazon.

    These are just a few ideas to help with snow day boredom. What other ideas do you have to keep kids
    entertained indoors?

    Author: Nicole McDonald, a stay-at-home mom to three kids, age 6, 4 and 2. She teaches coupon, meal
    planning, frugal fun with kids and freebies classes and blogs at www.momsavesmoney.net.