• Baby Food Adventures

    by Reruns blogger | Dec 06, 2012

    There are so many different methods that parents follow. Some choose to not vaccinate their children, to not leave their house until their new baby is 6-8 weeks old and so on and so on. Everyone has different views and different approaches to their parenting techniques and not a single one is wrong, we’re just different. As for embarking our baby food adventures we’ve decided to follow the Baby Led Weaning method. My son, Jordan, was breastfed for a solid two months. When we made the switch to formula it wasn’t easy and I dealt with a lot of guilt over his formula issues. We tried cereal a few times, after getting the okay from his doctor, and he didn’t do well with cereal either. Jordan encountered gas issues, projectile vomiting, lactose intolerance, soy allergies and would get extremely fussy when he had cereal. So with guilt issues and the fear of Jordan encountering more problems I felt I wanted to stay away from store bought food. I thought there were two options: store bought or home made. Which technically there is only those two options but there is different methods to “home made.”

    I did my research and sought advice from other mothers. I learned about pureeing fruits & veggies but I also learned about Baby Led Weaning. For us, Baby Led Weaning sounded like the easiest way for us and the funniest way for Jordan. With Baby Led Weaning we simply steam veggies and cut them into sticks or break off spears of broccoli, cauliflower etc. and put it on his high chair tray and let him have at it (you can also give veggies raw.) Fruits are cut down to a finger food size and he does as he pleases. The idea of Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is that is there is no baby food per say, no hassle of pureeing and mashing up your home-made food instead they are eating real food. From the start they are learning to grab the food and put it in their mouth. For the first year babies aren’t really eating for nutrition but more so for learning. With BLW they are also learning how to chew first then swallow; which is how you eat your food right? With jarred baby food they learn the opposite; swallow first then learn to chew later on. I don’t think Jordan is eating a lot right now but he is sure enjoying learning how to eat! I like that Jordan also feels a bunch of different textures and gets to learn how to put the food in his mouth on his own. We did try a jar of jarred baby food and Jordan spit it out as soon as it entered his mouth. We also tried pureeing a few food items and again he spit them right out. So with being first time parents we have done our research, talked to other parents and spoke with Jordan’s doctor then we explored each route on our own.

    Through our exploring we’ve discovered that BLW is the method for us! Do your own exploring and set out trying each method that seems will work for you! Remember we are all different with the methods we choose so whatever route you take you may come across others who disagree but it’s all about what works for you and your little one!

    Shawna Seaman is a work at home mom with one child who is passionate about remembering what she went through yesterday while getting to today.

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